Friday, March 12, 2010

Image-Glow Lantern Candles

Imageglow signature lantern candles are a new type of candle, uniquely beautiful, safe and respectful of the materials used to create them. 

Imageglow® signature wax lantern candles are a long burning candle cast inside a wax shade.  

Using special patented process, the pattern in encased in the wax. When burning, the flame illuminates the image and the light radiates through it. 

Burn the candle for at least 20 hours so a well forms in the wax. This well will hold a tealight which can be replaced as needed.

French wall paper pattern
All beautifully made in San Francisco

Just Love these Asian Art Deco patterns! Use two of these art deco candles and you can play with the pattern combinations.

A beautiful inspiration board a customer created for their wedding that features an Imageglow Bohemia Yellow Paisley lantern candle.

Houndstooth Pattern

Paisley Pattern

That is why we call them 
the candle with the glowing heart!

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