Sunday, March 14, 2010

Beryn Hammil Design

"Working with my clients to make their homes attractive, functional, and comfortable is what I love to do." 

"There's no reason why people shouldn't be both comfortable in their own home and proud of where they live." Interior designer Beryn said. 

The window is an etched glass designed with herons walking through a bamboo marsh. The glass allows light to come in and simultaneously maintains privacy.

Modern Asian style cabinet as sink base. So relaxing.

Now this 19th C. Chinese altar cabinet has a new function!
It looks great with the warm orange wall. 

 Antique Japanese tansu goes well with a pair of Chinese bamboo water colors.
Modern Japanese paper lamp brings them to 21st. C. 

Framed Chinese bone brushes as wall art. Tang horse & bamboo lamp make this small corner cozy. 

The design of this "Great Room" includes the kitchen and dining areas so it's perfect for entertaining. A Thai rain drum as a side table. Large French armoire holds a TV.

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